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As a family company, with over 28 years experience in the tea export business, it is our pleasure to share our passion for tea with you. We own and operate three Tea Estates in the mid-grown area of Kandy district. This gives us full control over all the aspects of manufacture and ensures the quality; consistency and flavor remain the same year after year. Our Teas, which are 100%, Pure Ceylon are hand harvested and garden fresh. Freshness is a vital aspect in the making of fine teas as tea absorbs moisture from the moment it leaves the plantation until it is packed.

Although Sri Lanka is now well known for its teas of superb variety and taste, certain Tea Estates have been singled out for their teas of unique flavors, color and taste. Yehelathenne Estate is one such. Known for over a century, this mountain valley tea has been sought after for its purity and taste. It is a unique tea of unparalleled flavors and color.

We were incorporated as a Limited Liability Company in 2003 and Yehelathenne Estate Teas became the marketing arm For City Commercial Company (Pvt) Limited. Yehelathenna teas today, process and market as value added in our own brand "ZEYLON TEA" offering to buyers directly. This means customers are given the opportunity of purchasing 'garden fresh' Ceylon Tea, From tea leaf to tea cup, It is then meticulously packed and shipped direct to you, garden fresh and new.

City Commercial Company (Private) Limited, renders an unparalleled service spanning over multiple industries through its three subsidiaries in Sri Lanka, namely Yehelathenne Estate Lanka (Private) Limited, Macatrop Trading International (Private) Limited in addition to City Trading Company. The manufacturing of tea is managed by Yehelathenne Estate Lanka (Private) Limited, City Trading Company manages the local sales of tea. Moreover Macatrop Trades oversees importing, distributing and retailing of sugar, rice, spices, palm oil & all type of food items and where as an indenting & commission agent of all general trading.

The company, to keep with its growth and expansion built additional modern facilities based in Colombo, 05 KM from the City, in an area demarcated for warehousing. With these new facilities is now capable of storing and handling very large volumes of tea and other food products.

With the impact of having "ZEYLON TEA" already marketed to our exclusive clientele, the Company has embarked on a well-laid programmed of work to meet the ever challenges before it in the world of tea business in Sri Lanka. It certainly has the potential, and works relentlessly, towards becoming a giant in the trade.

Doing business with us, you can be assured of not only high quality teas & competitive prices but also the strength and backing of CITY COMMERCIAL COMPANY (PVT) LIMITED.
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