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Yehelathenne Estate Lanka (Pvt) Ltd.

Previously known as Yehelathenne Tea Factory. Surrounded by 270 Acres of tea field in the Medium or mid-grown area of Sri Lanka. In which teas are planted at elevations between 600 and 1200 meters and produce flavorful and full-bodied liquor. Tea is planted on hilly terrain because of the natural drainage system required to remove excess water from the regular rainfall in the tea-growing districts. This Factory is surrounded with the lush carpets of green spread out far & wide, intermittently deep gorges, tall pine trees and clear streams of water flowing endlessly. We are amble by the savoring of the wonders of nature: it is indeed a visual treat…

As much as the British land-owners and planters developed a great plantation industry in Ceylon, the Ceylonese counterparts played an enormous role alongside them in building on the firm foundations to further establish it.

This factory is build by the British before 100 years ago, with almost spectacular architecture with stark white three-story building, strikingly similar to a sanatorium. It is within these factories that the tea leaf goes through a process of Withering, Rolling, Sifting, Fermenting, Drying, Sorting and Packing to facilitate all aspects of need of manufacturing system. Through time factory has now become a completely self sustaining entity equipped with an in-house advanced tea manufacturing facility.

We passionately manufacture tea using skills acquired through years of experience Tea Makers & Tea Tasters. Abandoning the traditional methods of manufacturing a good liquor and aroma to give a good brew and serve the consumers and all nations with a finest quality tea. We are also able to produce teas suited to your private labels as well as pour own gourmet brands. We offer Teas suited to your specifications.

Most producing countries met the demand by abandoning the old secret of making teas, sacrificing the true character and taste of tea. This skilful profession requires an individual to have a delicately discriminating nose and palate, and good eyesight. Experienced tea tasters have these senses of sight, taste and smell developed to the highest possible level.

We not only provides ‘flavors’ to the world but also provides employment to over 240 staff members whose commitment and dedication contributes in taking the Company to newer horizons. In keeping with the founders' policy, all the manufacturing teas go through a final tea inspection by a member of the family for quality and consistency.

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