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The True Flavor of Ceylon

ZEYLON tea gifts are original and unique. ZEYLON has a wide selection of tea, consisting of different blends and flavors that come in attractive containers in the form of bulk, packets, tea bags or gift presentations, making them ideal gifts for connoisseurs. Our new range of products has something for everyone and comes in rich, exclusive packaging and elegant presentations. For that special gift, make it with ZEYLON.

ZEYLON teas can also be purchased for household use and in bulk for catering purposes. And now people have come to recognize and ask for this unique variety of Tea.

We have our online information about our stock lists. However, we hope to provide up-to-date information in a very short time.

So Join us on this journey as we take you to witness the birth of taste… the creation of garden freshness “ZEYLON TEA” the true flavor of Ceylon.
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